I hope you will find solace in this in this blog, in my words, and in my arms.

I hope my truth will manifest a path for you to find your light.

As a human being, I am learning to nourish my soul and my mind. This is how I oil my system so that it may run smoothly.

Life is a journey, a step at a time, life is a challenge to be conquered an obstacle at a time.

Wishing you endless love and splendid light,

All love my friends.

~     Assatta Nyarkosele Waa’Thai.

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Assatta Nyarkosele Waa’Thai. I am a poet,   a writer,   a mystique,  boundless lover of mankind and all creatures that walk the face the earth. But most of all, I am a creator and a giver, I hope that you share in my journey, share in my experience, share in my love. Welcome.

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